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In Studio & Online Virtual Private Piano & Voice Lessons

owner for homepageMichelle Beckle teaches piano and vocal skills in a full range of music genres to kids and adults from beginner to advanced levels. Her goal is to build a strong musical foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Learning to Play Piano, Playing to Learn

While learning the piano requires patience and creative imagination, Michelle hears your passion for music and believes in your capabilities and progress; even when it’s hard for you to believe in yourself. Call us to bring the joy of music right to your fingertips today!

Find Your Voice Today!

Michelle develops singers who not only produce beautiful sound through proper technique, but also understand the language that is music. Her students learn to read and write music notation, sight sing melodies in different keys and complex rhythms, as well develop the ability to write their own original melodies using the music theory that they have learned. Call us to find your voice today!

Virtual Piano & Voice Lessons

img right alignMichelle Beckle offers online lessons via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and Google Duo. While a virtual lesson experience is different than face to face lessons, online lessons have proven to be an extremely effective learning method for people who are extremely busy and find it more relaxing to learn an instrument in the comfort of their homes, not to mention eliminating nervousness or pressure that can be felt when embarking on a new adventure.

Michelle utilizes professional high quality equipment to make lessons more efficient and interactive. Her online lessons are made simple and engaging to give you the best experience possible so you feel you are learning as well as you would with face to face, in studio lessons. Please note that the internet connection and device are the responsibility of the student. Also, when Michelle does business travel, classes go online as well.

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