Michelle is a great teacher! She is kind, patient, and really takes the time to get to know the student. She loves what she does and her passion shows!

Lauren Z Chandler, AZ

My daughter absolutely loves her piano lessons with Mrs. Beckle! She is very patient with my daughter and goes out of her way to show her clients that she appreciates them. I would highly recommend Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts to anyone!

Angel B Las Vegas, NV

I have been studying with Michelle for a few months. I am excited to tell that I have been improving on my piano skills. I am a hard student, and God bless her heart for patience. Not intended to be hard, but I see music as an expression of my own self. And I can see results. I am 60 years old trying piano for the first time, and Michelle has been teaching me how to have the skills I always wanted.

Marga H Phoenix, AZ

I've enjoyed working with Michelle for the past month. She makes me feel empowered as a singer and helps me set and attain goals. She is also responsive to inquiries outside of our weekly class time.

Naisa Y Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful teacher & family. So enjoyed each lesson

Dennis J San Diego, CA

I registered for voice lessons barely six weeks ago and my confidence to sing has really improved in just a short period. There is timely feedback and responses to messages. Also, Beckle Music is very affordable and reasonably priced👍

Yewande S New York, NY

I have had unprecedented influxes in my musical prowess when speaking in the context of piano as it relates to recital performance and music theory. I would highly recommend the Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts for anyone who wishes to learn piano or to improve their singing skills.

Phillip C Chicago, IL

I have been taking beginner voice lessons from the Beckle Music studio for a month. It has been a good experience. Mrs. Beckle has encouraged me to learn keyboard to improve the quality of my singing and I am planning to pursue this. I can see that she is very experienced and has been teaching students for a long time. I value this type of experience.

A K Houston, TX

Mrs. Beckle is very courteous and professional. She will try her best to accommodate you but one has to remember that she has other clients as well. So if she can accommodate your request without interfering with her other clients she will. Her patience with your progress is exemplary.

Roy M Philadelphia, PA

Michelle has been such a sweetheart! Her lessons are very effective, I began seeing progress after just one class! Very good communication, professionalism and flexibility. Looking forward to more. Highly recommend!!

Mardochee D San Antonio, TX

I have a wonderful experience so far working with Michelle. I could tell from our first conversation she had many concrete steps to share that would improve my voice. We've only been working a month and I can already tell a difference. You must practice daily as well as doing your regular scheduled lessons to stay consistent. Taking these lessons have reinvigorated my interests in singing. Michele is always patient and kind. Thanks for your help and the lovely gifts!

Khadiji C Dallas, TX

I’ve always wanted to take music lessons since I was young and decided to finally do it. I’ve been searching and Michelle had really good reviews and offered piano and vocal lessons for a great price! I’m so glad I made that decision. Michelle knew right away what I needed to work on so I put my focus on that and I noticed a difference after a week or two. She is also flexible and will answer any questions you have, so don’t be afraid to ask!!

Camila G San Jose, CA

I got in touch with Ms. Beckle through Thumbtack like almost an year ago. Was searching classes for my 5 year old daughter then and since then she has been taking classes from Ms. Beckle. She has been really nice and good and my daughter is enjoying the classes a lot. I would she is really patient with small kids and always has been persistent. I would definitely recommend her for classes.

Alpna B Austin, TX

M/s Beckle is a great music teacher. She is so good with teaching for different age groups including my 3 year old and my wife.. I’m glad we got to know her.

Vinod A Henderson, NV

I met Michelle through Thumbtack. I had never taken piano lessons ever and being a 28 year old adult, I was skeptical as to if it's even possible for me to learn well. All of my fears were shattered by Michelle. She is extremely, extremely, extremely good at what she does. In my experience, most teachers for adults are on one of the two extremes, either they hand-hold you to the extent of spoon-feeding you or they don't assist much at all. Michelle has the perfect balance between the two, she spends a great amount of time and effort to get to know you well and your abilities. Then she carefully drafts a plan for you based on your goals and executes it like a champ! I think she is just magical, but I know that these amazing teaching skills that she has comes from decades of experience after having successfully taught more than a 1000 students! Her rates are very reasonable and more importantly, she really cares about her students on a personal level. I honestly don't know if there are words enough to describe how lucky I am to have her as my piano teacher!

Rajiv A Cleveland, OH

Michelle is very good, she is supportive and encouraging. Very patient. I would highly recommend Michelle for both voice and piano. It is well worth the cost.

Carol W Jacksonville, FL

As an piano beginner starting from old age, I appreciate Mrs Beckle bring this chance to me. I feel comfortable with the class flow that I practice off class and she helps to point out where I miss in class. During this COVID special time, the online class works well. glad to learn piano from Mrs Beckle.

Vince M Columbus, OH

Mrs. Beckle is very professional and never late! She goes above and beyond to make sure you understand the lesson. She has always worked with us to meet our needs in regards scheduling! My 6 year old is learning so much and we are enjoying every lesson so much.

Sarai G Fort Worth, TX

Michelle is a great music teacher. Michelle is flexible and understanding to the needs of my daughter. Her teaching style is very encouraging and my daughter looks forward to piano each week. I am so glad we switched to Michelle and will be using her service for many years.

Katherine K Charlotte, NC

My daughter started piano lessons with Mrs. Beckle while she was only 5 years old. Despite her age, the professionalism of Mrs. Beckle pushed my daughter to gradually and efficiently improve her piano skills. How amazing my daughter can sing now! Good educator, Mrs. Beckle joins discipline with fun, which has increased my child's focusing skills .Compared to other studios ,the pricing is undefeatable and the schedule flexibility is appreciable. It has been three years of pure joy. Thank you Michelle!

Lise N Indianapolis, IN

Mrs. Beckle is a very good instructor and works very hard to make sure that you get what is needed to accomplish your goals. You will get out of her lessons what YOU put into them. She gives you all of the tools that you need to go as far as you want in singing and/or keyboard and her prices are very reasonable! 🙂

Theodore H Seattle, WA

I have been wanting to take piano lessons once I retired. I played some as a child but had to really refresh the few skills I had. I contacted Michelle & wish I had contacted her sooner. She has been so helpful & patient as I am relearning. It is such a pleasure working with her & I have learned so much in the few months I have taken lessons. I look forward to each weekly lesson.

Marcia G Denver, CO

I absolutely love singing! Like I’ve never been so passionate about anything in my life! I sang in my church choir as a child/teen and sang in the choir at my school from the 7th grade-11 grade. Then I stopped for 10 years. (I’m 26 now) Regret it. Coming back I wasn’t confident at all and working with Michelle is bringing it back for me! I’ve never had a teacher so supportive and honest about my lack and progress! She’s literally a breath of fresh air! Every session with her I know I’m getting better and you can’t beat that feeling! I think everyone should work with her because of how talented and supportive she is! Couldn’t be happier!

Foxy B Washington, DC

Michelle is a fantastic teacher. I've never taken singing lessons before and she made me feel very comfortable and eager to learn. She has been very accommodating, kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for lessons in Arizona or remotely.

Beth S St Petersburg, FL

It was the first time that I gathered the courage to start taking singing lessons and Michelle made me feel so comfortable right from the first class. Within a few classes, I have started seeing such improvements that it makes me wonder why it took me so long to get started.

Jamal M Boston, MA

Mrs. Beckley is a one of a kind music teacher! She is very personable, knowledge and kind! She can see what is necessary in keeping the student progressing and staying interested! I highly recommend her!!

Thane M El Paso, TX

I am a singer who came to Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts with a tired and overused voice. Michelle has been fantastic with assessing my bad habits and showing me areas I can improve on and giving me great exercises to get there. I would highly recommend Michelle to beginners, professional and every level in between.

M R Nova Scotia, Canada

Michelle has been a wonderful teacher to me in piano lessons. In just a few sessions, I learned so much and so fast that I could not believe it myself. I cannot wait to wake up in the mornings or come home from work to practice my piano keyboard. The books that she has used are excellent choice. The pricing is very affordable too. I will start singing lessons next month and I cannot wait till the day. Michelle has changed my life. I am very grateful to find you, Michelle.

Ngan T Nashville, TN

Michelle has been very helpful in finding my voice. Where it needs to come from and how to use it.

Ray N Detroit, MI

Ms. Beckle is very patient and wonderful. My son responds well to her. She's also very flexible and accommodating to our busy schedule. Thank you Ms. Beckle.

Anna L Oklahoma City, OK

For 6 years my child has been taught by Mrs. B. When we travel and if my child plays at the piano's at the airport lounges-- the first question i get is -- who is the teacher? - that is a testament to how good Mrs. B is. Start early and stay with her and if the child does her/his bit of practice at home, I am sure will become an accomplished player by the time they are in their teens.

Herman S Portland, OR

I really appreciate Michelle's dedication and professionalism. She really knows her stuff. I am growing and learning from the weekly exercises she gives me and I appreciate the fact that she is pushing me to do more. Thanks, Michelle!

Janiene Memphis, TN

Michelle has been a God send. I'm enjoying my singing lessons and have learned so much. She has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith by singing in public. I can't wait for the next step in my journey with Beckle Music! Thank you, Michelle!!

Janice A Louisville, KY

My 11-year old son has been going to Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts for over year and really enjoys it! He has really improved, and the rates are very reasonable.

Jaclyn B Baltimore, MD

I am a beginner. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to learn the piano, going to this studio had given me the confidence to learn to play! The environment is friendly, helpful and encouraging. Give a try. You will be happy you did!!

Mary L Milwaukee, WI

I have been taking piano lessons from Michelle for the past 7 months. She is a fantastic teacher who puts in a great deal of effort to teach a novice like me to play the piano comfortably and confidently. Despite living in a different city, I have always felt I am learning to play in an in-person class. She has been very accommodating of my schedule and has a very friendly attitude. She is always encouraging (despite a lot of clumsy playing on my part), provides great feedback. I really appreciate her allowing me to replay a song a lot of times if I am not satisfied with my performance. I would highly recommend her class for learning how to play the piano.

Jayaraman S Albuquerque, NM

I had vocal lessons with Michelle a couple of years ago and am about to start again. Definitely recommend Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts. Great for all ages.

F T Tucson, AZ

My four year old daughter loves attending her piano and vocal lessons. Michelle is patient and caters her teachings toward the child’s personality and age.

Sheena D Fresno, CA

I have been taking vocal lessons with Michelle for several months now and have found her to be friendly, kind, patient, flexible, and truly professional. I am in my senior years and yet she has been able to teach this old dog new tricks. I have a unpredictable schedule and she has been very accommodating in adjusting my lesson times. She has such an easy going and nurturing style that you can't help but soon consider her a friend, while at the same time learn what you are paying for. By the way, her fees are very reasonable and fair.

Gary S Mesa, AZ

Very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I’m a close to middle aged guy who has never played in his life. I was super nervous starting out and Michelle really noticed that and made me feel at ease. She is knowledgeable and very compassionate about teaching students of any age. I’m only on my 4th lesson but will definitely be continuing my lessons. I appreciate the pace and the ability to fit in the classes around my schedule. Highly recommended

M P Miami, FL

Wow, what a great experience I am having working with Michelle. I am just a beginner at the piano. She is so supportive and excited to help me on my journey to learn to play beautiful music. She listens to me and provides excellent feedback. I know she truly cares. I feel very fortunate to have found her. If you have always wanted to learn to play then don't wait any longer. Contact Michelle and get started today!!!

Christopher E Long Beach, CA

My kids have been taking piano lessons from Michelle for about 6 months, and we've noticed a lot of progress in their playing. Michelle is a patient, kind teacher. Good communication and clear expectations; rates are also fair.

Ashley Honolulu, HI

Ms. Beckle is a wonderful kind teacher. She is very passionate about music and takes joy in her teaching. She is very understanding of families situations. And she shows her love and care by really working together and helping. Ms. Beckle is very, very dedicated in her work and teaching music is her mission field. She is currently teaching my daughter vocal. We enjoy our time with her!

L L Tampa, FL

Ms. Beckle is an awesome teacher. Since I started a few weeks ago I definitely noticed my singing get better.

Christopher B Chandler, AZ

Michelle is patient and compassionate with singers at any age level. Had significant improvements in just a few lessons; she is well organized and gives great vocal advice. Great and affordable prices. Highly recommend!!!

Lily Tulsa, OK

Mrs. Beckle is incredible with my three year old. She is patient, informative, attentive, detailed and just overall great at what she does. I would definitely recommend her services to everyone!

T I Birmingham, AL

Michelle is very knowledgeable, generous, and goes out her way to accommodate others. She taught my kids piano for many years and was very accommodating with our hectic schedules. If you’re looking for top notch piano instruction she’ll do her best to take care of you..

Jeff P Saint Paul, MN

11months ago, we enrolled our 11year old son into Ms. Beckle studio for Piano lessons...He was so delighted with the music he was learning that he would run downstairs to our piano in the morning and play the new music he had learned... all because of Ms. Beckle special attention given and motivational sweet cheeriness.🌹It's such a joy witnessing my boy learning the art of music in a truly warm, personal and caring environment." He has been very fast learner ,, and all the efforts are of Ms. Beckle😃😘 . My son is special needs and I always see he is more interested to learn more from Ms. Beckle 👌and it is all of because of encouragement and supportive nature of Ms. Beckle. Awesome piano teacher for beginners as well as for experienced-piano learners and we thank her for all the efforts she puts for my son.🙏🏻😍. All our family loves her as family💝. My kids love her goodies and snacks in her studio.💝⭐️

Phani C Anchorage, AK

Michelle is highly knowledgeable, but most importantly, she is led by the Spirit of God. She cares very much for her students and has become a friend of mine. In less than three months my breathing has improved tremendously, and I am able to sing with greater skill. I look forward to continuing my lessons and taking piano courses as well. I highly recommend her.

Tiffany L Orlando, FL

I have been a student of Ms. Beckle for 10 years to enhance the lessons I had as a child, She has more than met my expectations. I am reading music much better and enjoy playing as a way to express my creativity and passion for piano, I would recommend her to anyone. 🙂

Vicki B Chandler, AZ

I love her very much! She’s so sweet, loving, and honest . She's always trying to do her best to make everyone happy. I've been going to her going on 3 months and I've seen major changes in my voice . When I ask for her opinion she's always honest with me . We've been work together very hard for the November recital . Things are coming along very nicely. My next goal is to get ready to audition for some singing shows next year . I'm very confident we will rise to the occasion. She's clearly a blessing!!!

Myshelle A Jersey City, NJ

Michelle Beckle is Amazing. My daughter and grandson love her class. They have an awesome time. I recommend this music studio!!

Diana G Scottsdale, AZ

Mrs. Beckle is a fantastic music teacher! My daughter took both piano/voice lessons for very many years with her. Thanks to Mrs. Beckle my daughter is a great singer and has gone on too the highest choir at her High School and accepted to Phoenix Children's Chorus. She also is a great piano player. Mrs Beckle loves her students and it shows!

Susan M Reno, NV

Michelle Beckle is very professional as well as caring. We were concerned about finding another piano teacher after our daughter's piano teacher moved out of our area. We were referred to Michelle by a friend and have been with her for nearly a year now and are very pleased with her and our daughter's growing abilities on the piano!

Kathi M Buffalo, NY

Michelle is an amazing piano instructor. She is very kind and patient. It amazes me how well behaved my daughter is in her piano class. Michelle is able to get her to focus in, and concrete during the lessons. I wish I could see more of this side of my daughter at home. lol She has a true passion for what she does and it shows. She makes the lesson fun for students. I would definitely recommend her!!!

Tammy C Gilbert, AZ

Our family had the pleasure of having our daughter study under Michelle Beckle from the age of 5 until she was 20! That in and of itself is a great testament to how much Michelle cares and what kind of an instructor she is, especially in light of the attention span of kids these days. Erica is still an accomplished pianist at age 22 thanks to Michelles guidance and instruction, not to mention her support as well. When our family hit a rough patch Michelle and her husband Bret were there for moral support, something we will always be grateful for. If you want to learn how to play the piano, you could not be in a better place then the Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts!

Mark L Chandler, AZ

Michelle Becker is an excellent piano teacher. She's been teaching my grandson now 14 for 3 years. He loves music and enjoys going to piano lessons with Michelle. She is very patient and allows my grandson to talk about music and gives him great insight.

Terry M Glendale, AZ

My daughter has been taking piano lessons for two years and has learned so much. She has also been enrolled in voice lessons for about 6 months now. We were so happy with the results I myself decided to tune up on my vocal with her services. We are more than happy with Beckle music studio & highly recommend it to others.

Trina T Irving, TX

Ms. Beckle was exactly the instructor I needed when I searched for a voice teacher. To say I was terrified to sing was an understatement! She was patient, kind and encouraging as I became comfortable with my voice. I made great progress with her instruction! I am very thankful for her service which allowed me to take lessons at work over lunch. Her online format gave me all the tools and instruction I needed to improve. Thank you so much, Michelle.

Amy L Des Moines, IA

Great experience. Michelle is positive, supportive and very talented. She is helping my 15 yo find her voice and is encouraging her to explore all types of music, which is great. Definitely would recommend.

Heather V Fayetteville, NC

Michelle is a great teacher with years of experience- you can tell! She is attuned to adult learning styles and is flexible with tailoring each lesson to the student's needs. I have been very satisfied with her lessons and really appreciate her kindness as a person. She goes above and beyond every lesson in both her teaching skills and in her winning personality!

Brooke F Huntsville, AL

I am certainly pleased with my piano lessons. Michelle is a thorough teacher and when I need to hear the music played for me she plays it beautifully. She is certainly an accomplished pianist whom I choose to emulate.

Kathy J San Francisco, CA

Mrs. Beckle is more than a vocal trainer or a music teacher, she has been a life coach to me and she goes above and beyond to nurture and bring out the hidden talents in me. She is very patient and caring, in so many ways, she has made me feel loved and important. My encounter with Mrs. Beckle has helped me find my voice, I am blessed God made it possible for me to find her online. I'll recommend Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts to anyone who is looking to learn to sing or play piano and also gain a trustworthy cheer leader.

Eevjei C Maryland City, MD

Mrs. Beckle is a wonderful and talented instructor. She is very patient and caring to her students. She specializes in piano and tailors lessons to fit the students needs, which I personally found it amazing!!! You will not regret to take her lessons. I guarantee you =)

Keri P San Francisco, CA

Really tremendous music school! Other piano teachers don't win anymore, Michelle Beckle is just so great, she's really great.

Phillip C Chandler, AZ

Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts is great. Michelle knows what she is doing. I'm about to get back into lessons with her. For anyone looking to take lessons I advise you give it a go with Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts. She is kind and it's well worth the money.

Andrew M San Francisco, CA

She is a good teacher and is professional. I have taken piano and voice lessons from her for about one year. I am now taking my three year old son to piano class as well. I was impressed by how she handled my three year old...because for those out there..handling a 3 year old is like herding a cat. Ms. Beckle, kept his attention and helped him to learn his left from his right hand (this is something he had been having difficulty with).

Lucy H Tempe, AZ

My experience with Michelle's singing lessons has been what I needed! As an adult student, she takes your input seriously and offers suggestions for practice very professionally and tactfully. She's very flexible with scheduling and, in my experience, very understanding with cancellations and payment options. If you are a beginning student, or an advanced student wanting to get back into the swing of things, I highly recommend her services!

Esteban V San Francisco, CA

My daughter has been attending for six months and I'm very pleased with the progress she's making. Highly recommend !

Islam R Tempe, AZ

Beckle music studio has helped me a lot it's a great business.
I love her online classes through WhatsApp it helped me elevate as a singer so happy and blessed to take classes with her. I strongly recommend her class to all!

Michelle V Lawrenceville, GA

I recently turned 50 and started searching for piano instructors who I felt would have the patience to teach someone who was trying to re-learn what I had learned so early in life. Thank goodness I looked up Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts. Mrs Beckle is as calm and patient a teacher as I could have ever hoped for. Even when things came up at the last minute and I could not attend a lesson, she always found a way to re-schedule me so I would not fall behind. She lets me practice at my own pace so I never feel pressured or rushed. She even sends text reminders to help keep me on schedule. She is never harsh and subtly reminds me when I've made a mistake. I can't imagine taking piano lessons anywhere else.

Tim M Phoenix, AZ

She's an amazing teacher who makes you feel welcomed right in her own home. She is generous, helpful, and so sweet!

Aixel J. Gilbert, AZ

I have used Michele Beckle with Skype for piano lessons for my grandson for the past year. It worked out very well for us. He learned a lot from her and really enjoys playing the piano now. She worked with him to try to find pieces he would enjoy playing. Skyping saved us having to drive to her house for lessons and worked well for us.

Larry K Glendale, AZ

She is an awesome teacher and my kids like her classes. She listens to parents' needs and tailor the teaching accordingly.

Ana S Sunnyvale, CA

Mrs. Beckle is an outstanding piano teacher. She is patient, kind and gives a lot of positive feedback. She always wants to help her students learn and feel accomplished. She is generous and thoughtful and tries to get to know every family that comes into her studio. She is a genuine person who loves what she does, and it shows!!!! I would highly recommend her to any child or adult wanting to learn piano in a nurturing environment.

Dana S Chandler, AZ

My daughter has been learning Piano and singing from Mrs Beckle from last four years.
She has improved a lot from where she started. It was always fun for here to learn things from her.
She is always flexible with schedule changes or making up for missed classes.
I would highly recommend her.
She is not only teaching piano and singing but my daughter also has learnt values from her. In this four year journey She became a very good friend.

All her policies are very well discussed in advance.

My daughter sometimes goes to listen to her friends piano classes and she is always glad to have a teacher like Mrs Beckle.

Pam V Chandler, AZ

Michelle has been a wonderful teacher to my 2 daughters & myself . We've been with the studio for 10 years & the knowledge we have gained has been truly beneficial. Not to mention the experience in performing in recitals is awesome. Never have had any issues , she tries her best to accommodate every family & goes out of her way to make sure they are happy & prepared . Highly recommend Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts!

Cari N Chandler, AZ

I studied piano with Michelle for over fifteen years, and not only is she an exemplary teacher, she also became a lifelong friend of myself & my family.

She makes it fun & easy to learn, and lets students choose their own avenue in regards to what kind of music they would like to explore. I wouldn't be the pianist (or human) I am today without Mrs. Beckle!

Erica L Tempe, AZ

Mrs. Beckle is an amazing teacher, she has taught my children for 5 years now. All her students are excellent, just by going to her recitals you see how talented they are and how much they learn with her. She is very caring and at the same time very attentive to details ready to correct. When the children are sick or their schedule conflict with another activity from school, she is always willing to accommodate a make up class, despise of many times the notification are last minute request from parents. She is always giving multiple alternatives to the parents to make up lost classes. Mrs. Beckle business ethics and code of conduct are excellent. Her policies are fair as any business in the area, and I do not think they are unfair. My children go to a private school and they charge all year long the school tuition, even for the summer months, spring break, fall break and Christmas break where we are not in school. The reason behind that is to make it more affordable payment by month than by a big payment per year. I do not see any difference with Mrs. Beckle music studio policy as she distributes her annual fee in monthly payments. Also, I believe that most of us who worked, we are still getting pay vacation times or even sick days during the year with no deductions of our salary.

Tanya S Tempe, AZ

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