Traditional Piano & Voice Music Lesson Information

Michelle teaches private, one on one lessons that are usually 30 or 60 minutes in duration depending on age and skill level. Michelle’s lessons include music theory and sight reading with clear assignments given to practice and complete. Depending on the student’s level, background, and interests, lessons may also include:
– Scales, arpeggios, or études
– Improvisation
– Composition
Piano lessons for beginners include learning to read music as well as play by ear and rote.

Learning Piano or Vocal Skills as an Adult

If you are an adult looking for piano or voice lessons, you’ve come to the right place! It’s totally normal for adult students to feel unsure or nervous about starting music lessons but Michelle has a lot of experience teaching adult students and enjoys working with and getting to know them. Adults learn much more quickly than kids in the beginning and can even play easy, recognizable pieces right away! In addition, adult students are mature, eager and willing to learn and absorb new information. An adult who has taken the step to begin music lessons shows exceptional strength of character, bravery and humility! Don’t believe the misconception that adults cannot learn new skills. Recent scientific studies have found that the ability to train one’s brain in new skills does not end after young life as was previously thought. So there’s nothing stopping you from calling Michelle and developing a new skill today!

Voice Lessons from Beginner to Advanced

In regards to voice lessons, Michelle appreciates that each voice is unique and she is excited to help each student discover new ways to love their voice. No matter whether you a true beginner and have never sung before, used to be in a choir but haven’t practiced in a long time, you are prepping for an audition or performance and could use some guidance on a challenging song, or anything in between; Michelle looks forward to assisting you in finding fun and fulfillment in singing.

Digital Recitals

Michelle offers digital concert recitals that can be enjoyed on demand as a digital experience anywhere in the world. Digital recitals are uploaded to YouTube to be watched by proud grandparents in faraway places, supportive Aunts and Uncles and others who wish to watch our students perform, and enjoy their talents!

Online Acting Lessons

Become the actor you were always meant to be! Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts now offers online acting lessons to help you “live the life” of the character you are playing and transform cold scripts into warm ones. Michelle can teach you to act and audition with authenticity and confidence. Call Michelle to assist you in transforming every audition into an exciting opportunity to book roles today!

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