Tanya S

June 8, 2021

Mrs. Beckle is an amazing teacher, she has taught my children for 5 years now. All her students are excellent, just by going to her recitals you see how talented they are and how much they learn with her. She is very caring and at the same time very attentive to details ready to correct. When the children are sick or their schedule conflict with another activity from school, she is always willing to accommodate a make up class, despise of many times the notification are last minute request from parents. She is always giving multiple alternatives to the parents to make up lost classes. Mrs. Beckle business ethics and code of conduct are excellent. Her policies are fair as any business in the area, and I do not think they are unfair. My children go to a private school and they charge all year long the school tuition, even for the summer months, spring break, fall break and Christmas break where we are not in school. The reason behind that is to make it more affordable payment by month than by a big payment per year. I do not see any difference with Mrs. Beckle music studio policy as she distributes her annual fee in monthly payments. Also, I believe that most of us who worked, we are still getting pay vacation times or even sick days during the year with no deductions of our salary.

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