Is Piano Harder to Practice & Play as an Adult in Mesa, AZ? Do Children Learn Instruments Easier & Faster?

When an adult decides to take on a new hobby, many have reservations about the learning process. They say kids learn easier than adults, and if you struggled learning something as a child, you may feel like it can’t be done as an adult. Generally, in a playful way, adults have lost the ability to play with things. More often than not, adults want to first understand what they are doing. They instead build on previous experiences and don’t necessarily learn in a linear fashion. In any case, adults are more than capable of learning something new, especially if it appeals to them in any way. Whether you are a kid, teen or adult, Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts can help you get to learn the piano according to your individual needs. With all this in mind however, we at Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts to share the differences between adult piano lessons versus kid piano lessons.

Do Children Learn Instruments Faster than Adults?

Motivation. Usually, you will be motivated, if you are taking piano lessons as an adult. An adult chose to take piano lessons, where as children are often told to take lessons as parents helps guide their kids to find their passions. Unfortunately, if it is not the kid’s true passion, most kids remain unmotivated. Because they are the ones actually paying for the lesson, an adult is going to take their lessons seriously and they do not want to be wasting their own precious time and money.
Learning Capability. It may surprise you that adults improve on piano faster than children. It is the truth for several different reasons, though this is hard to believe. Adults have experience on their side, though people say kids learn faster than adults, and this may be true. Adults tend to trust the teacher and stay on their weekly assignments much better. Also, keep up with progress and know how to track it. In almost every case, after 3 years of an adult taking piano, they will be much further than a kid who has taken 3 years of piano lessons.
Attraction to Music. They usually get to play and learn what they want since adults have an idea of what kind of music they want to play, usually. Kids typically get the basics lesson book, because they have little experience and are not sure which style they want to learn. When they are learning piano, adults usually have more flexibility with what kind of music they play.

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In a nutshell, an adult can easily learn how to play the piano with routine lessons. You do not have to feel self-conscious taking on a new hobby and freely take on learning how to play the piano beautifully. As mentioned, no matter your age, the professionals of Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts can help you learn how to play the piano. As an adult, you have many advantages to taking the piano lessons, and you can find that learning how to play it is easier than you may think.

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