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How Can Vocal Injuries Be Prevented in Phoenix, AZ? Singers Should Train to Not Damage Voice & More

No matter the style of music you sing, if you practice and perform regularly, you are unfortunately at risk for vocal injury. However, if you prepare yourself properly, and follow some sound principles, you can lower your risk of suffering common vocal injuries. Beckle Music Studio offer helpful tips below. Singers Should Train to Not…

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How to Avoid Wrist Pain & Piano Injuries Chandler, AZ; Relax Shoulders when Playing, Correct Hand Position & More

Do you get back, neck, shoulder, wrist or finger pain while playing the piano? Unfortunately pain while playing an instrument is relatively common but you should not have to suffer when you play! There are several reasons for back, neck, shoulder and other pain when playing the piano. Beckle Music Studio spotlights some of the…

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