What Can Go Wrong in an Acting Audition in Tucson, AZ? Prepare, Practice & Other Important Rules to Follow

Auditioning can be a daunting experience for any actor but especially for those new to the industry. There is a lot of pressure that you may not book the job. Of course, you should be in an acting class as most actors that book are the ones that are consistently training but there are some other helpful tips to help you through this process that Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts outlines below.

Actors Should Prepare for Auditions

As there often isn’t much time before the audition, make sure you get the script or sides as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with the content. Before trying to memorize your lines, determine the relationship between you and the other person to put the dialogue in context. Remember that when you speak your first line, you are in the middle of life, not just doing a scene. Consider what may have happened before this moment and your feelings toward the other person’s character. Cold reading is an important skill that acting classes can teach to help you “read off the page”.

Don’t Assume You Know what Casting Directors are Looking For

Don’t try to make a decision about what the casting directors are looking for. Often, they don’t know until they see it. They want you to create your character and be open to direction. Practicing your acting skills at home enables you to offer different choices and interpretations of characters.

Stay in the Scene Until a Casting Director Stops You

One thing that indicates to a Casting Director that you are new to auditioning is when you look to the camera as soon as you have said your last line. It is important to keep acting until they tell you they have cut. It is not your job to say when the “scene” has finished.

What Do You Do if You Mess Up a Line in an Audition?

Every actor wants their auditions to be perfect and to get everything “right” but this can actually look and feel too robotic and planned. If you make an audition mistake and miss a line, or say the line wrong, do not stop and apologize and make them have to start the scene over again. Just breathe and pick up the line again.

Use the Other Person in the Scene

Relationships guide us. It is easy for technical actors to be in their own head and forget the other person in the scene. Whoever is reading with you – whether that be another actor or a casting director, be affected by them. This makes you much more spontaneous and interesting to watch.

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Enjoy your next audition! Take your time and really experience living the life of another person! Audition mistakes happen but don’t be afraid to make them! Prepare the best you can and if you do make a mistake, just go with it and try not to do it again the next time. Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts is pleased to now offer online acting lessons to help you perform your best in auditions and roles. Call us to learn more today!

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