What Skills Does Playing the Piano Give You in Chandler, AZ; Help Hand Eye Coordination, Increase IQ & More

Having you ever considered learning how to play the piano? You are never too old to learn! A piano is a wonderful instrument that creates moving pieces of art that last through the ages. For those who want to begin learning how to play a piano there are a lot more benefits than just the beautiful music the piano produces. Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts will share the benefits of learning how to play the piano.

Does Playing Piano Help Your Hand-Eye Coordination?

Learning to play the piano helps to improve independent coordination. Playing the piano challenges the mind and coordination skills. The eyes, hands and feet are engaged. Not only are multiple parts of the body and mind engaged, but they are at work independently from each other. While you begin the skills to play the piano, your independent coordination will greatly improve.

Better Hearing Awareness from Piano Playing

Music is created with varying tones that come together to create songs. When you begin learning to play a piano you come more and more familiar with the tone each key creates. Your ability to hear the tones will be sharper and you will have better hearing awareness. Better hearing awareness can help stimulate the mind.

What Does Playing the Piano Do to Your Brain?

We will feed our bodies on demand but often we never to think to feed our brains. Our brains crave stimulation. There are many ways to feed the mind. For some people they like to read or play chess. However, if reading and chess is not for you, perhaps playing the piano can be your stimulation. Playing the piano is a great mental exercise and strengthens the eyes. For those who wish to keep their mind sharp, even as they age, according to research from the University of Zurich, playing music can increase IQ by up to 7 points in both adults and children!

Entertain as a Piano Player

Music is not just a gift that benefits you, but everyone who hears it. By learning how to play the piano you can share you new found gift with friends and family. During special events and holidays you can play the piano so everyone else can enjoy your new found skills. One of the best times of the year to share your musical talents is during Christmas. You can play Christmas songs to help fill your home with holiday cheer. When you want to help make holidays and special events more memorable for those you love, you can bring music into their lives.

Why Does Playing Piano Make Me Happy?

When you want to find something fun to add to your life, playing the piano may be the thing you are looking for. One of the benefits of playing the piano is that it is a fun instrument to learn how to play. When you want a life long skill that can bring you joy, consider learning how to play the piano.

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