What is the Best Diet for Singers in Gilbert, AZ? Drink Water Before Singing to Rehydrate Vocal Chords & More

Do you want to become a great singer? For those who love and want to sing, you will often begin your journey with music and singing lessons. A good teacher can help you discover and enhance your singing talent. However, there is more to it than just taking singing lessons, you must also consider your vocal health. Singing requires a healthy larynx and vocal folds. Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts would like to share how your diet can help improve your vocal health to enhance your singing talents.

Drink Water Before Singing to Rehydrate Your Voice?

As a singer you must consider your vocal health and nothing is better for your vocal fold and the larynx than water. You will want to drink plenty of water to keep your vocal folds hydrated. The vocal folds are made of mucosal membranes that require a constant state of hydration to allow ease of vibration and flexibility. Singing can cause the mucosal membranes of the vocal fold to dry out. This is why it is important for singers to drink water often. For a singer it is recommended to drink half of your body weight in ounces each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should consume 75 ounces of water a day. However, you may need to drink more water if you drink other beverages with sugar, caffeine or alcohol. As a singer you will want to avoid drinking beverages with a lot of sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. Sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol will dehydrate the body. Dehydration will affect your vocal folds and the larynx and of course, your singing performance. Sugar and milk can also thicken the saliva which interferes with the vocal folds and even the articulators which decrease your clarity of speech and vocal quality. If you choose to drink beverages that have dehydrating effects, be sure to drink additional water to counteract the affects.

What Should I Eat to Improve My Voice

For a singer you will want to eat a healthy diet for your entire body. However, the larynx and the vocal folds particularly benefit from protein, fruits, vegetables, berries and seeds. However, watch out for the sugar. Fruit and berries can contain high amounts of sugar which again contribute to thicker saliva and poor vocal fold health. You will want to avoid food with high amounts of sugar, high carbohydrates, as well as fried fatty foods. Dairy foods such as ice cream and yogurt can thicken the mucus as well which effect the function of the vocal folds and larynx. Consider avoiding these types of food to improve your vocal performance. For those who have acid reflux, the acid can damage the larynx and vocal folds. Either avoid food that can trigger acid reflux or seek medical help to control its symptoms.

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Singers know that singing and music is their talent as well as it is a gift to those who listen. You can take singing lessons to help improve your talents but you must take care of your vocal health. Seeking the right diet can help improve and prolong your vocal health. For music and singing lessons, contact Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts today.

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