How Does Learning an Instrument Help Your Brain in Mesa, AZ? Playing Piano Improves Memory & More

There is no doubt that music can have a large impact on your life. If you want to take that one step further, there are several ways that your life can be strengthened by learning to actually play and read music. Studies show that learning to play an instrument can help to strengthen your brain. Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts is here to talk about all the ways that this is true and how learning to play an instrument really can help your brain become stronger.

How Does Music Affect Social Interaction & Bond Us Together

When you learn to play an instrument and you play with other people around you, it is a proven fact that you will feel a deeper connection to those people. That’s why people that are in a band together are so close. Music connects you like nothing else. When playing music with others, endorphins are released that give you a positive, warm feeling during the experience.

Improve Reading & Memory Skills

As a child learns to play an instrument and read music, it can have a large impact on their reading and memory skills as well. These are major life skills for anybody. When a child gets a solid foundation in literacy, they go much further in life. Both musical ability and literacy show an increased electrical response in the brain. These two things tap into the same brain abilities.

Master Superior Multisensory Techniques

Taking the world in around you by processing sight, sound and touch at the same time can be invaluable. If you have ever played an instrument, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since you are touching your instrument, listening to the sounds it makes and seeing the music as you play it. This can be hugely beneficial.

Early Piano Training Leads to Later Brain Plasticity

Studies have shown that those who received training on an instrument as a child, can process information quicker as adults. This means that even when music lessons were dropped at some point, those early training lessons had an impact throughout the life of that individual. They were able to respond quicker to speech than other adults.

Increased Blood Flow to the Brain

Anytime you have increased blood flow to a certain spot in your body, it can help heal injuries and strengthen those areas. Studies have shown that when you play music, there is an increased blood flow to the brain in the left hemisphere. When you are experiencing and afternoon lull, 30 minutes playing an instrument can be more helpful than a nap.

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While we don’t have all the answers to how playing an instrument can help you, it is clear that it can benefit your brain in many different ways. At Arizona Studio-Online Performing Arts, we know how big the impact learning to play the piano can be on your overall health and life. We offer both piano and voice lessons that can benefit your overall health in many different ways. Call us today!

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